Health & Beauty Tips

Everything we do should be an art, even a shower or bath as we relax and gently wash away the cares of our everyday world. Relaxation and regeneration are fast becoming the primary reasons for showering and bathing, as important as cleansing itself.

Showering and bathing are precious alone opportunity to let the day's anxieties evaporate.

A bath should be a time for daydreams, never hurried, while showering is a faster way to feel invigorated and refreshed while getting clean.

Showering and bathing provide health benefits in addition to psychological benefits, as you'll see. What's more, baths and showers are inexpensive luxuries anyone can afford.

Showers and baths can create great moods. We'll show you new ways of looking at what you always thought of as common everyday showers and baths.

Below you will find listed some health tips and other related info, many of which will surprise and delight you!

Exclusive Fa Fragrances
Fragrances are currently used as therapy --- aromatherapy. But emphasis on therapeutic fragrances isn't new: the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Hindus and Tibetans practiced aromatherapy thousands of years ago. Fragrances can set your mood, giving you a lift or a letdown, which is why the makers of Fa created their superb, unique fragrances. Each puts you in a wonderful mood every day in every way.

*Cleopatra, an inveterate bather, took mostly milk baths. Pity she couldn't use Fa Foam Bath instead!

The Shower Experience
Benefits of showering
**Showers are a quick, easy way to get clean

**They refresh and revitalize

**They're excellent for improving circulation

**Cleansing substances (e.g. surfacants) have no time to dry skin, or adversely affect it because they are instantly rinsed off

Showering Tips-
Showering for health and fun
**be sure to use pH balanced body washes or shower gels (ala Fa Body Wash, Fa Shower Gel) to minimize drying skin, which can result in signs of premature aging

**if you aim the shower head down at your feet first, moving the shower stream up your body, blood circulation improves because the poorest area of circulation is your legs

**beginning your day with a cold shower improves circulation. Alternating hot and cold water can improve your immune system by allowing it to build more antibodies, making it easier for your system to resist disease

**alternating hot and cold water opens and closes your skins pores, maintaining its elasticity. According to some medical sources, proper blood circulation in problem zones (such as legs or hips) may reduce fatty tissue

** when showering in the evening, use warm or hot water as a last phase, particularly on your feet. You sleep like a baby when your feet feel warm and cozy. A brief foot shower before bed produces the same effect

**gently massage your body with a loofah sponge when you shower. Loofahs slough off dead skin, smooth rough spots and stimulate circulation.  We recommend the Riffi Massage Mits, which set the industry standard in quality loofahs.  Riffi is available for purchase on the Fa Shopping Cart.

The Bathing Experience
Benefits of Bathing
**Primary reason for bathing: relaxation, recreation and a sense of well being. Getting clean is merely a by product of bathing

**Hot water opens pores and stimulates cell movement, a catharsis for your body

**Water pressure stimulates blood vessels. Arteries expand so blood flows through them more easily. Organs are relieved so you relax more readily

**Bath additives, such as Fa Foam Bath or Algemarin Foam Bath, contain ingredients that cleanse and pamper your skin

Special bathing tips for relaxation
and a great sense of well being

** don't stay in the tub too long, as an ultra long bath strains your circulation and hot water dissolves your skins natural lipids. There is a definite correlation of bath temperatures to length of time you stay in the tub, to the mood your bath leaves you in, so here are some recommendations....

For relaxation 97F to 101F Duration: 10 mins
For refreshment 77F to 86F Duration: 10 mins
To treat a cold and induce sweat 102F to 104F Duration: 5 mins
(go to bed immediately and snuggle under a warm quilt)
**Pregnant women should take cooler shorter baths, no longer than 5 to 10 minutes at a temperature of 95F to 99F. Hot water may raise body temperature above water temperature and cause harm

** A great side effect of bathing: rough skin and calluses soften when immersed in warm water, so be sure to work these areas with a pumice stone or loofah sponge to smooth them down

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