Fa Shower Gel

Specifically formulated for use in the shower instead of bar soap.
Proven soap formula contains both emollients and moisturizers for silky-feeling skin. Fa Shower Gel is an innovative way to gently cleanse and refresh in the shower.

Enjoy this unique formula created for gentle cleansing in the shower. Fa Shower Gel contains an extra mild cleansing complex to gently care for your skin and a special protein factor to moisturize and maintain its natural balance.

Product Performance
All surfactants (wash-active substances) used in this product are based on natural, raw materials (coconut oil, starch, proteins) and are course readily biodegradable.
The foam has a fine and creamy, dense structure. Moisturizers  aid the skin in preserving its moisture and care properties.

The pH value of the Fa Shower Gels has been adjusted to that of healthy skin. (pH neutral to skin)

The fresh, cosmetic perfumes of Fa convey a feeling of freshness.

Fa Shower Gel can be used anywhere at any time thanks to its dermatologically confirmed, mild caring properties. It is ideally suited as an indispensable companion in every sports bag, equally suited for gently cleansing the skin and as a hair shampoo.

Fa Shower Gel helps the skin preserve its natural balance and protect it from the undesirable effect of drying out.

As an added bonus, recycling of Fa Shower Gel bottles are easy due to their environmentally-friendly plastic material.

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