The World of Fa Fragrances
Young, dynamic and sensual, with the power
of the unique Fa freshness...

Among others, here are four distinctive fragrances chosen for the Fa
product line in the United States:   

Fresh/Caribbean Lime
The classic scent of the Fa line in the familiar green package...a refreshing blend of mainly citrus ingredients. The Fa Fresh products are considered "sporty" and appeal to both men and women.
stands for pure, long lasting freshness. Modern, invigorating scents underline the unique character of the Fa freshness

The blue packaging says it ... this gentle aroma is filled with flowers and elicits a feeling of luxury. With Fa Soft, cleansing is a soft caress.
a floral, slightly fruity fragrance with a gentle and delicately fresh character
Beauty/Exotic Fruits
A delicate blend of florals and rare woods, this unique combination is the ultimate indulgence. Pamper yourself with Fa Beauty in the pink package.
scents of sensuous flowers, rare woods and a touch of freshness have been combined to a delicate "beauty" bouquet

A composition of gently refreshing floral and fruity scents rounds up the mildness and lightness of this variety.
Fa Light is free from any coloring materials and contains a very mild perfume in a dermatologically tested product base.

Plus many new exciting Fa fragrances!!
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Caribbean Lemon
For Men/Sport
Peach Ice Tea
Mandarin Peach
Sunny Melon
Exotic Fruits
Green Tea
Palm Fresh
Papaya Grape
Tropical Breeze
Sunflower...and More!