Fa Foam Bath

For the relaxing European spa experience, this time-honoredway to counter stress actually works! Fa Foam Baths contain an exclusive protein factor to moisturize and soften the skin.

Pamper your skin with the luxurious foam of this European formula and discover a moment of real freshness. Fa Foam Bath contains an extra-mild cleansing complex to gently care for your skin and a special protein factor to moisturize and maintain your skin's natural balance.


Product Performance
Thanks to its well-balanced composition of carefully chosen ingredients, Fa Foam Bath with AGP helps preserve the skin's natural balance and protects it against the undesirable effects of drying. ("Hydro-Balance-System")

The chosen combination of particularly mild wash active substances (surfacants), for which Henkel has been granted a patent, is based on natural, raw materials, e.g. coconut oil, starch and proteins, and is particularly gentle to the skin.

In the bath, Fa Foam Bath develops a dense, rich foam, whose optimal formulation guarantees it to hold throughout the entire bath. Already while bathing you can feel the beneficial, smoothing,  and moisture preserving effect the added  ingredients and skin's own moisturizers have on your skin.

Its pH value has been adjusted to match the slightly acidic pH of healthy skin.

Fa's fresh, cosmetic perfumes will make every bath a special fragrance experience.

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