Fa Deodorants

Available in Stick, Atomizer, Roll-on and Spray; these gentle yet
effective products give long-lasting deodorant protection.
Fa Deodorant - Atomizer
- gently refreshing with fascinating Fa fragrances. It gives you the feeling of long lasting protection through its effective deodorant system. Propellant Free.


Fa Deodorant - Stick
- experience mild but efficient deodorant protection throughout the day with the new alcohol free formulas. Its trendy new form has been developed for handy and quick application.

Fa Deodorant - Roll-on
- efficient deo 24h protection  through new deodorant system combined with the mildness of new formulas. Modern and handy bottle design for convenient application.




Fa Deodorant - Deo Spray
- gently refreshing with luxurious Fa fragrances. Long lasting protection through a new effective deodorant system.
CFC free deodorant!


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